Monday, November 9, 2009


I still haven't decided on Albertson's so go here to see some really good deals and comment and let me know what you got, maybe it will help me with my decisions!

Toys R US

Okay so usually I do not go to Toys R Us, the deal has to be AMAZING, why, you may ask? The answer is because the store is an hour away, but this week I am going! Why you may ask? Because I can get an AMAZING deal on games! Here is how it works:

Buy 7 games priced $3.99 (candy land, chutes and ladders, memory, don't break the ice, don't spill the beans etc.)
Pay $27.93 plus tax
Get a $10 gift card to Toys R Us
Submit for $2 rebate PER game= $14 off
Meaning if you factor it all in I can get 7 games for $3.93 plus tax!

I am super excited are you (mostly because we don't have any of these games and they would be great to play with Sarah!)?!?

Way Excited about Fred Meyer!

I am way excited about the Fred Meyer deals this week and not because there are amazing food deals, no but because I can get a Mr. and a Mrs. Potato Head for $1.15 each (may be cheaper)! Oh my is that exciting! So here is my list and if you want information on other deals just check out The Coupon Project

18 count eggs $1.50 (limit 4) in ad coupon (I have an extra ad so if you need it comment!)
Broccoli $.68/lb
Private Selection boneless half ham $2.99 (I have been wanting some ham and this is the best deal I can see, I will probably freeze half of it for later)

Now for the non food items:
Nature Bounty vitamins B1G1 Free (I am pretty sure there were coupons for these in last weeks Sunday paper, remember you can use 2 coupons!)
Layering tees and everyday tees and camis are all B1G1 (I kind of need these!)

Mr and Mrs. Potato Head B1G1 $6.99
Use 10% off coupon from in ad (expires on WED) (they may take only $.69 OR $1.38 it will depend on the checker!)
Use 2 of the $2/1 coupons from

Let me know how everyone's transactions work out on the Potato Heads!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Taking the week off

I am sorry to announce that I am taking the week off. Why one would ask and here are the reasons:
1. I feel like the deals just aren't amazing enough for me to worry about going and getting stuff (though I have some RR's to use at Walgreen's so I may have to think about it at some point!)
2. We are sort of in the middle of a family crisis. Sarah's allergy tests came back with her being allergic to dairy, eggs and wheat, can anybody says Celiac's Disease. So we will probably be doing more testing and I just don't feel like stockpiling stuff we won't be able to use.
3. I have way too much going on this week!

So here is what I have decided that I will purchase

Fred Meyers
Organic carrots 5 for $5
Organic fuji apples 98 cents a lb
5 lb bag of Mandarins for $4.77
Del Monte Vegetables with in ad coupon of 2/$1 plus stacked with manufacture coupon of $1/5 (from September I think!)
Any meat with coupons on it

Chicken boneless skinless breats for $1.77/lb (krazy coupon lady has a preview!)
Any meat with coupons on it

I will probably just use my RR's to get some Vitamin D, you always need some!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Rite Aid

I am apparently missing a few coupons that would be really good for this week, BUT I still found a few good deals!

Kotex pads $2.99
Use $1/1 from mail
Get $2 SCR

Huggies Jumbo $9.99
Use $3/1 for Pure and Natural
Use $2/1 from September Adperk
Get $3 SCR

David Babaii hair care B1G1
Use $5 from September Adperk

I will also use my $5/$20 from September's Adperk

For other deals and coupon match-ups go here.


Okay I am not seeing a ton at Walgreens so I will probably save most of my RRs from last week for next week.

Transaction #1
Suave deodorant (I need to get men's) 3 for $5
Use (3) $.75/1 from 10/25 RP
Use $2.50 RR from Robitusson
Pay $.25 plus filler price and tax
Get $2 RR

Transaction #2
Robitussion $2.49
Use $2 RR from above
Pay $.49 plus tax
Get $2.50 RR

For more check out The Coupon Project here. She has a way to get women's deodorant for FREE! (I have a two year supply, hence I am skipping that one!)


Okay so I don't know how many people got in on the following deal, but it just got sweeter!

I ordered the Discovery Kids 3 piece tent set from for $19.99 (wonderful gift for a 3 year old!). It came with the dome tent and a teepee tent as well as a little tunnel to connect the two. The list price was $79.99, so I saved $60. Plus I got FREE shipping. I thought that this was a great deal! Well today they called to let me know that the teepee was not sent and that they don't have any more (I received the box two weeks ago, but haven't opened it yet). So what did they do, they are letting me keep what I was sent AND are refunding me the whole $19.99! I can't even believe it! I hope that some others were able to get in on this!